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Imper Plus Regulator With Flow Pressure Guage

Product Information:

Serie RI.133

Pressure regulator with Flow Meter for Mig-Tig welding. The Flow Meter allows greater precision in flow delivery.

Statement manufacturing EN ISO 2503
welding MIG/TI


Gas Ar/Mix/Co2
Working pressure 230 Bar Max
Outlet pressure Adjustable 0/30 lt./m.
Flow rate See Table
Temperature range -15° +60°
Body Brass -CW617N-UNI EN 12165
Shutter seal High pressure valve with PTFE housing
Bonnet Aluminium paint finish
Diaphragm Neoprene diam. 50
Filter in bronze positioned within the inflow coupling
Pressure gauges
Pressure gauges ISO 5171 diam. 63 mm class 2.5
High Pressure gauge Full scale 0/315 bar
Flowmeter with tap Scala serigrafata 0-30 lt./m.
Inlet UNI – NF – DIN – BS – CGA
Outlet 3/8 G. with nut and conical hosetail for rubber tube 6/8 mm
Reducing connector Swivel connector with o-rings
Test Single



Code Description InFlow
Pressure Max
OutFlow Pressure InFlow connector
RI.133.14050 Argon regulator with flow pressure guage 230 Bar 30 lt./m. (*)
RI.133.14065 Oxygen regulator with flow meter 230 Bar 30 lt./m. (*)

(*) According gas standard see table last page