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Valves mod. euro 2000. Industrial Gas Cylinders

Product Information:

Series VI.120

Chromium-plated brass Euro 2000 calve for industrial and pure gas cylinders. Compact format suited for use with smaller cylinders.

Gas O2/n2/Ar/H2/N20/co2
Working  pressure 230 Bar
Temperature range -45° C +65°C
Test pressure 276 bar (excluding CO2 -N20) Single test
Body Brass Chrome plated  – CW617N-UNI EN 12165
Shutter seal Nylon with brass end
Seat 2.4 mm.
O-ring EPDM
Handwheel Nylon
To the cylinders 17 E
Outlet UNI – NF – DIN – BS – CG
Thread for deep tube M6x1
Size and weight
Dimension 95 x 45 x 40 mm
Weight 0,45
Safety valve (Co2-N2o)


Code Description Cylinder connector Outlet Packaging
VI.123.10743 Chromium-plated Argon/Mix/Helium Valve 17E (*) 42 Pz.
VI.123.10755 Chromium-plated Nitrogen Dioxide Valve 17E (*) 42 Pz.
VI.123.10861 Medical valve Oxygen 17E (*) 42 Pz.
VI.126.10860 Chromium-plated Hydrogen Valve 17E (*) 42 Pz.
VI.126.10863 Chromium-plated Carbon Dioxide Valve 17E (*) 42 Pz.
 (*) According gas standard see table last page